How Chamber of Commerce can be a Property Valuer Powerhouse?

The Chambers of Commerce whether in Melbourne or elsewhere provide a discussion or dialog stage whereby the industry, policymakers, government and all the allied stakeholders discuss the interdependent factors the determine trade and business affairs.

Commercial property valuations have a varied number of factors that influence or determine their conduct and outcome. Be it the governmental, market-led, or agency oriented regulations, rules or conducts, each have a unique tendency to influence the buying or selling of any commercial property.

It is therefore a must to have a common dialog stage whereby all the actors can discuss the affairs and reach to a common ground that defines a seamless and authentic transaction procedure. 

In this context, when we are concerned with real estate commercial property valuations, the role of property valuer and the determination of the guidelines that stipulates their conduct become prominent. In the real estate industry therefore it becomes crucial to have all the rules, regulations, and conduct guidelines in place so that the necessary stimulant can be provided to the buyers and sellers of properties.

In order to discharge their duties as true, expert, independent and experiences property valuer, such professionals must be belonging to real estate valuation corporations that are accepted by the respective Valuation of Property boards that operate under the Chambers of Commerce.This is important since it instills the necessary confidence in the minds of the vendor of properties when they seek the services of a registered, authentic, and licensed property valuer for their property transactions in Melbourne or globally.

A strong framework of property valuation procedures is a pre-condition to a thriving real estate transactions market. This in turn largely depends upon a good flow of discussions between the industry, agencies, and the government facilitated by the Chambers of Commerce.

Expert property valuation is a prerequisite to a fair commercial real estate valuation, and this also requires highly trained, authorized experts at disposal thus making both the role of a valuer and the platform provided by the chambers, very important.If we want to have the buyers and sellers both experience a fair deal from a property value transaction in Melbourne, there is a dire need that the valuation undertaken is backed by utmost integrity, honesty and expertise. Since a faulty and murky transaction can badly disrupt the buyer, seller confidence in the entire market.