The value of a Property valuation appraiser

When you buy a home, refinance your mortgage, or sell your home, you work with a number of professionals to facilitate the transaction . In this Property  valuation blog, we examine the role of professionals you may encounter when buying or selling a home, to help you better understand the usefulness they bring to the transaction.

In this article, part two of the series, we will discuss the role of a real estate appraiser in the process of buying and selling a home.

What is a Real Estate Appraiser?

A real estate appraiser is a professional who provides an expert and unbiased opinion on the value of property for financing purposes. He may also be hired as an advisor for planning reserve funds for large projects, such as those undertaken by condominium corporations. It usually takes two to four years of study and work under the supervision of an appraiser before taking a final exam to become an appraiser.

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